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Wpisany przez Joy Mathew   
Czwartek, 18 Wrzesień 2008

After a long span of time the sailor wrote these lines

Saying good bye to the shore
Or saying bye to the heartbreaking realities
Sailor return to the sea
He had to witness love, despair, death,
Hatred, seperation and what not
Missing one of his comrade
He felt so lonely
Here the shore of abra
He passed his dream house
Where once he dreamed a lonely life with his beloved
Now he recalls the trips to the unknown shores
But all the ways ends to abra
He could fly to abra or drive or even by walk
His utmost wish was to see his beloved or
Getting the warm whispering from her lips
 The fragrance of her body still haunts him
The stubborn pink tits still hammering his heart
And he is mad now to see her again
Yes this is the 45th war to be fought
He needs her to be with him
 In his futile war of life and death.

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